“Kathleen is not only a very skilled yoga teacher and IMT therapist, she is also a very kind, spacious, fun, reliable and compassionate person.” - Molly Lannon Kenny (teacher)

“I have always loved Kathleen’s demeanor as a student and teacher. When she’s teaching a class, she keeps an eye on all her students to assist and guide us in each of the poses. This allows me to feel safe in her presence because she helps me participate more fully in the poses and practice. She also has a vast, deep knowledge and belief in the many ways yoga helps us live a better life. She talks about what different aspects of practicing yoga help with - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. She has a lovely healthy, gentle personality which makes being a new student in her class a very positive experience. Her teaching enabled me to come back to yoga after many injuries. She’s the best!” - Matria O. (student)

“I have attended many yoga classes with many yoga teachers over these first 15 years of my practice. Kathleen's classes stand out for me. She comes prepared and is present for everyone in the class. She shares how she interprets and incorporates traditional yoga teachings in her life with humor and humility. She can help one go deep into their poses, but she also knows how to accommodate the limits that all of us have somewhere in our practice. One mantra I have adopted form her that has helped me love my practice even more: "What would 80% feel like?" It feels like a smile, is what it feels like.” - Mark J. (student)

“Kathleen is a very genuine and sincere person. This put me very much at ease during our sessions. While I was intrigued by Yoga Therapy, it was an effort to engage in it and show up the to the first session. Kathleen’s nature made it very easy for me to continue showing up. I have gotten a lot out of these experiences and look forward to continuing. – Anonymous

“I first heard about yoga therapy as a yoga student of Kathleen's at Samarya. I contacted Kathleen during a personal health crisis and she gave me a one on one session so that I could experience firsthand what the nature of the modality was all about. I immediately connected with her during this healing and attentive session and came to the conclusion that this would be a good therapeutic gift for my ailing mother-in-law who lives in a skilled nursing home. We set it up so that Kathleen would visit Mary at the nursing home residence for a series of one on one yoga therapy sessions. Mary was thrilled and reported that she was gaining strength and flexibility as a result of the tools Kathleen had taught her. Beyond that, the care and compassion that Kathleen showed Mary was key to the connection and the expansion in her healing. She was able to meet Mary exactly where she was at in terms of her physical and emotional abilities and this was instrumental. Whenever I asked my mother in law how her yoga therapy was going she would light up with a big smile and respond positively! This made me feel confident that this was the perfect choice as a gift to my loved one!” - Tonya A. (client)